How do we access the deeper parts of yoga?

Can it become a lifestyle?

Welcome to yoga – all of yoga.
Dive into this mysterious universe,
mastering life in all its facets.
Yoga is for everyone, anywhere.
Not yoga in a studio.
Yoga in the heart.
Yoga in community – your community.
yoga class on cliff
Join the Yoga Lovin Community wherever you are:
at a neighbor's place, a park, an office.
Learn a new kind of yoga.
Find teachers that resonate with your needs. Or teach them!
Practice only with people you would want to become friends with.
Practice in silence? Use your playlists? Get live kirtan? You got it.
It's your community. Make it all it can be.
mountain sunset
Not just poses.
What is it then? In 10 seconds:
Yoga means union. It's a way of life.
The six branches of yoga are:
Hatha yoga
Raja yoga
Karma yoga
Bhakti yoga
Jnana yoga
Tantra yoga
Postures; breath
The path of meditation
The path of service
The path of devotion
The path of wisdom
The path of spontaneity
(The one you've heard of)
Embody the yoga sutras
Purify the ego
Awaken the divine within
Know thyself
Open the heart
Yoga at sunset
Common types of Hatha Yoga
Low intensity
Sweaty workout
down fork
down fork
Relaxed stretching
Focus on form
down fork
Breath & form
Perfect alignment
down fork
Breath, flow
Got enough heat inside
Let's add more heat
left down line
left down line
Restorative Yin
down line
down line
down line
down line
Release muscles, calm nervous system
Moderately paced classic yoga
Form exactly right, using props
Sequences focused on in- and out-breath
Sequences founded on in- and out-breath
26 postures practiced in a heated room
A minute of yoga:
A movement to bring wellness and peace to everyone.
Imagine the power of a collective moment of awareness –
just a minute taken from our busy lives,
in the office, running errands, anywhere.
Introduce it to your workplace, to your friends and family:
this is for everyone.
Mass yoga event
Join our mass yoga events
What better way to elevate people's consciousness – en masse!
Yoga ahimsa
At its deepest, yoga is about ahimsa
Ahimsa translates as non-violence –
but it goes so much deeper than that...
Yoga teaches us not to hurt others
through thought, word or deed.
Ready to dive in?

What we
work towards


Discover yoga. Again.

Yoga isn't what we practice in a studio. Life is the true yoga. Come explore the endless mystery of all the yogas, including the asana practice you're familiar with. Here's to a complete inversion!


The studio comes to you

Yoga is for everyone, and it should be everywhere. Now it will be. Our instructors and practitioners are taking yoga to every corner, so you won't ever again have to step into a car for yoga. It's right at your door step.


A collective immersion

There is much yoga can do for humanity. If we can get people to take time off for yoga retreats or mass events, we can also introduce "yoga minutes," little moments of consciousness, to the most unlikely places.

Yoga Lovin Community

Join us on an adventure.

Communities with a purpose transforming the world.

We're lovin it. You will too.

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Beyond the studio – true yoga is for everyone, everywhere – for it is peace.